How Our Handcrafted Shoes are Made

It all starts with an idea

After years of studying and being immersed in shoes Angilina has developed an eye for those that are wearable pieces of art.  Whether the next design is inspired by current trends, a material, a pattern on a tiled wall, or something that one of our modelistas introduces to us the next creation comes about and is thoughtfully curated from many different angles.   

Last Development, Sole Molding, and Leather Selection

The last determines the shape of the shoe.  Of all decisions this is one of the most critical to determine the fit and function, it also makes the design unique and special.  We spend a lot of time determining which lasts are going to deliver lasting comfort to our designs as well as create a modern shape.

Our leathers are sourced from local Portuguese and Spanish tanneries and are of the finest quality.  We carefully select them based on their luxurious hand feel, beauty, and durability.   Our upcycled leathers go through the same selection process ensuring all of our leathers are of the same quality standards.  The embossed details in our shoes elevate and create dimension, the emboss stamp is applied with a large metal plate that administers heat and pressure to the leathers and adds the different designs you see in our work; the florals, plaids, animal skin textures, and the like.   

      Pattern Cutting and Construction

Our patterns are carefully cut with handcrafted care.  Each piece is laid out like a puzzle on the leather and fabrics to ensure the maximum yield is used and there is as little waste as possible.  After all of the pieces are cut they are passed on to the seamstress who meticulously turns the leathers on the sewing wheel paying attention to every detail as they go.  The handmade nature of the upper patterns creates slight variances and nuances in our shoes which adds to their unique appeal.  The art of the crafting of our shoes is done by craftspeople who have been building shoes for 20-30 years plus.   

 Pattern Cutting


The Shoes are now ready to be assembled.  The insoles are tacked to the last and the sewn uppers are hand-pulled over the top and back of the last and hammered into place on both the medial and lateral side.  The craftsmen apply heat and pressure to mold the uppers into shape.  The sole is applied with careful attention to the markings the pattern maker applied creating a consistent height around the circumference of the shoe.   



The finishing makes the shoe, it is an art in and of itself and is the job of only the most skilled craftspeople.  All of our full grain leather shoes are hand painted or hand burnished.  This is done by either hand spraying, or brushing color on the leathers and then applying a heavy wax to create deep richness to each and every shoe.  The result makes every shoe unique and special in and of itself, no two shoes will ever be exactly the same.



The final touches are added to the shoes before they are packaged.  Our recycled foam footbeds, made from post consumer regrind, are placed into the shoes to create lasting comfort.  Every shoe is put through a rigorous quality check before it can be sent out, it is here that any untrimmed stitches are trimmed, sewing markings that are showing are removed, and final finishing details are applied.  After the shoes are buffed one last time, they are placed in recycled PET canvas dust bags, tagged and numbered.  As all of our shoes are limited edition the dust bags are marked with the number each shoe was in the creation process.  We do not ship our shoes in a box inside a box as we believe in reducing excess waste wherever possible.  You can use the bags to store your limited edition artisan shoes.      


Handcrafted Shoes