Guys - Check Out These Tips For Wearing Your New Custom Mens Shoes

February 01, 2018

Guys, one of the first things a woman looks at is a man's shoes, so we are here to help you up your shoe game with some simple styling tips.

But first, be sure to learn more about our made-to-order shoes!

General Men’s Shoe Rules To Follow

Focus On Quality, Not Quantity

If you wear the same cheap sneakers every day for a year, it’s going to show. Instead, buy a pair or two of high-quality men’s shoes that won’t go out of style anytime soon. Our Men’s First Love suede sneakers are perfect for everyday wear.

Know The Latest Trends For Men’s Dress Shoes

Shiny black loafers are no-longer the go-to men’s dress shoe. Instead, opt for a nice pair of men’s derby shoes. They are a little tamer than traditional oxfords but still pack a punch. We love our Uptown derby shoes in grey and black, especially when paired with a slim-fit dress pant.

Men’s Quick Style Tips

  1. Never let your jeans drag. Your jeans should skim the tops of your shoes without bunching too much and still cover your socks when you’re standing. If your jeans are too long, visit a tailor or cuff them a bit. Truthfully, we love the way our Days of Wild men’s boots look with cuffed jeans.
  2. If we can see your socks, they should be the same color as your shoes.
  3. Your shoes should be the most expensive thing you’re wearing, save from maybe that gold wristwatch your grandpa handed down and that smartphone in your pocket. It sounds fickle but shoes take the most wear and tear from your wardrobe, so make sure they are high enough quality to take a beating and still look good.
  4. Don’t wear shoes that every other guy at the office is wearing. If the thought of wearing “unique shoes” sounds stressful, just check out our latest crowdfunding campaign to see just how stylish and not-scary unique mens shoes can be.
  5. Have a designated dress and casual shoe, at the very least. If you have to dress up for work, get an in-between shoe like our English Garden boot.

5028 Has The Custom Men’s Shoes You Want

For shoes that are stylish and unique, check out our collection of men’s custom-made shoes. Each shoe is made-to-order after it is crowdfunded, which means our shoes come in small batches and sell out quick. Even though we specialize in made-to-order shoes, sometimes we have a few extra pairs for those of you that are late to the game. Check out all of our available exclusive men’s shoes while we still have them, or get in early to crowdfund out latest custom men’s shoes. Save yourself some money and have a pair of 5028 shoes made just for you and shipped to your doorstep.

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