Limited Edition Artisan Shoes

The sneakerhead was born in the 80's, the craze came about when the highly coveted Air Jordan became hard to obtain.  Hip-hop artists were rocking the latest styles and all that aspired to have the look hunted the sneakers down and paid prices no one had ever dreamed of.  Fast forward many years later and sneaker brands like Nike and Adidas now release limited numbers of their shoes for a select few to have the joy of wearing.   

Why should the pleasure of exclusivity be reserved for the basketball sneaker genre?  We as customers crave uniqueness and want to wear items that not everyone has.  As people we thing of ourselves as unique individuals and as such our wardrobes say something about who we are.  There was a time when large retailers were growing and their shelves were becoming filled with so much sameness, brands were copying each other, and all the products started melding together to a point that it was hard to differentiate brand from brand anymore.  During this time a sub-culture arose and those of us that craved something other than what all our peers were wearing started shopping pop-up markets like Unique, HorseShoe Handmade, and Renegade.  Moreover we started shopping small again and thank goodness we did!  This has allowed for mom and pop retailers to keep their doors open and even revive their businesses.  It has opened doors for up and coming designers and artists to become small business owners and it has pushed creatives collectively to be creative again.  

Anyway,  I am not a sneakerhead, but I am a shoe freak, and I have always loved finding shoes in obscure places that no one else can have.  I've been coming home with shoes from Europe for Mike and I and people always stop us and ask where we got our shoes, and we can tell them, but also know they will be hard to find.  So we decided why not start a brand based on that principal and deliver quality, unique shoes to our customers that not everyone can find or have. 

Our shoes are crafted with care and heart in family run factories in Spain and Portugal.  They are designed through the lens of wearable pieces of art with detailing, leather and trim choices.  The prices are accessible and fair, which we think is important, limited edition that is not going to break the bank.  By producing in small batches we avoid excess inventory and the quality of our shoes is not compromised in the process. 

So why shop Fifty-Twenty Eight  limited edition shoes?   Quality, hand crafted, artisan shoes that stand out from the crowd and you can get at an accessible price.  And if that isn't reason enough $5 from your sale is donated to mental health support, lets break the stigma and be the change.     


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