Men's Shoe Style Guide

December 15, 2018

Even if you’re a ‘t-shirt and jeans’ guy, a pair of shoes with a touch of flair can say a lot about your presence.  We offer classic styles with a modern twist; our unique, limited edition, artisan shoes are fun to wear and comfortable too.   With funky printed linings, nice burnished leathers with a worn look, and special details our handcrafted shoes have that extra edge to show that you are a man with style.    

Men's Style Tips 

Here are some tips for styling your look:

  • Leathers that are rich in character and quality are very important. The leather used on our SweetWater is deeply pigmented and waxed, creating a luxurious hand-feel and stand-out look. Casual is hip. The evolution of what is now considered ‘dress’ has a much broader spectrum. The last and the sole of our SweetWater provide the comfort of a sneaker while still maintaining a refined look. Wear the SweetWaters to a wedding with a suit and matching tie, we guarantee you will light up the dance floor.  

  • For a man, subtle detail says a lot. Unique laces, printed linings, designer footbeds, and discoverable treatments really make the man’s shoe. And if he peekaboos some funky matching socks? Bonus points! Check out the Men’s First Love if this sounds like your speed.  


  • A Man’s Shoe should be versatile. Many of our shoes are appropriate for a variety of occasions; you can dress up a casual outfit, or add a little funk to a suit. Let’s face it, men don’t own as many shoes as women do so we want our guys to have options. The Reprise looks great dressed up or dressed down. An added bonus? These are upcycled shoes! The uppers are made from dead stock materials and the footbeds are recycled regrind engineered into a super comfortable foam. All that style while being eco-conscious, can’t beat it.      

  • Material mixing makes a statement, it shows confidence and pizazz!   The Walrus is a super hip high top sneaker with a double zip to get in and out oft.   No more lacing up your shoes, yes please! And for wider footed men this shoe is a dream.  The Walrus is also part of our upcycled shoes collection.  

  • We collaborate with our manufacturing partners in Spain and Portugal to bring our ideas to life. The craftsmanship that comes out of the family-run factories is exceptional, the leathers are the highest quality we have found anywhere, the art of shoe-making has been passed down over generations, and the quality is unsurpassed. As we create new styles an evolve the brand it is the attention to detail and our collaborative ability to make better, smaller quantities of product that set us apart and thus set the men that wear our shoes apart from the rest.  We believe every man needs a pair of long-lasting, show-stopping shoes in his closet that he can count on to add style to even the most basic outfit.   

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