Our Favorite Ways To Style Booties

February 09, 2018

When it comes to how to style ankle boots, the possibilities are limitless. From dressing up to dressing down, there is a bootie and style for every occasion. Check out seven of our favorite ways to style 5028’s designer booties. 5028 specializes in creating made-to-order shoes ranging from custom heels to handmade leather boots to limited edition sneakers. Our European-made shoes are made in small batches after they reach their crowdfunding goal. To get in on our newest debuts, be sure to check out which exclusive shoes we’re making next!

7 Ways To Style 5028 Booties

  1. With a chic jumpsuit: You don’t have to step more than ten feet into your favorite fashion store to know that jumpsuits have made a remarkable comeback. Just check out how popular fashion blogger Allie Wears pairs her 5028 Olive Booties with a black jumpsuit. P.S., you can still get the cute designer shoes she’s wearing for a limited time!
  2. With cuffed jeans: As Shakespeare once said, “To tuck, or not to tuck, that is the question.” Okay, maybe that wasn’t the exact quote. But we’re sure that if cute booties existed back then, Hamlet would have been very concerned about whether his jeans should go inside or outside of the booties. The general consensus is that cuffed jeans that show just a bit of skin above your booties are the way to go.
  3. With tights and a skirt: For a very Zooey Deschanel-esque look, break out your favorite tights, a cute skirt that hits right at your waist, and an adorable sweater to tie it all together. To pair with tights, we particularly love our Uptown Booties in Olive and Black - which have a super limited availability to be sure to get your custom-made women’s shoes now.
  4. With a bodycon dress: Who says tight and sexy bodycon dresses need to be paired with strappy stilettos? Honestly, cute booties are always going to be easier to walk in and they look just as good with a tight dress for a night out.
  5. With denim shorts: Going shopping on a hot summer day? Heading to your favorite music festival? Whether you’re spending your paycheck on Rodeo Drive or rocking out at Coachella, a cute pair of custom western booties and some Daisy Dukes are a ride-or-die combination. We would recommend our Girlfriend western booties, but they are currently sold out. However, there’s a small chance a few more pairs will become available in February - so keep an eye out for more of our custom women’s shoes
  6. With socks: Going back to the should-I-tuck-or-cuff-my-jeans question, one cute way to get away with tucking is by pulling your favorite pair of wooly socks right over your jeans, so they peek out over the top of your booties. You will instantly look like a winter princess, ready to be out in the cold with your favorite Starbucks drink. For this look, we think some cute mid-ankle booties would work best. For example, our First Love ankle boots in Olive and Taupe would be the perfect cute designer shoes for this. (As with most of our limited edition shoes, they’re almost sold out - so get movin’!)
  7. With leggings and an oversized flannel: There are Ross and Rachel, Ron and Hermione, Jim and Pam, Flannel and Leggings, Monica and Chandler, Cory and Topanga… the list goes on. Wait - one of these is not like the other. All we’re saying is that flannel and leggings go together like your favorite movie and TV couples - minus the drama. This is the perfect lazy-girl combination for those days when you want to look cute without even trying. For this combination, we’d recommend our Days of Wild ankle booties in Winter White and Brown. They add just a hint of tomboy while still remaining chic and stylish.

Shop 5028’s Custom Women’s Shoes

Our cute designer shoes are always made-to-order based on your pledge to buy. If they don’t go to production, you get your money back. It’s crowdfunded fashion at its simplest. Check out the featured booties above or see our newest debuts of made-to-order shoes.

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