Remembering Victor Link

December 11, 2017

At 5028 we are committed to making a difference in the lives of others, and have a very grand mission of supporting the mental health community, breaking the stigma behind it, and bringing light to a subject that has been taboo for too long.  We believe in mental hygiene, what does that mean?  As our friends at the Aspen Strong organization so poignently put it, "You carry around dental floss to take care of your teeth, but what about mental floss?"  They recommend that you give yourself a check up from the neck up.  Check in with you, how are you doing?  What do you need to do for you today?  As we know life is crazy, for lack of a better word, things happen to all of us every day, some seem significant at the time, some don't, but many things effect us in ways that we have been conditioned to just brush under the rug.  Why?  The answer to that is too long for us to go into here, but the fact of the matter is we have been conditioned to do so.  Lets stop!  Lets take care of our mental well being just as we take care of our physical well being.  We believe these small steps, small gestures, small smiles (you can give big smiles too) will make a world of difference.  

On October 1st, one of those significant, life happened events went down for 22,000 people attending the Route 91 harvest festival.  An event that none there can un-see, an event that rocked our nation, and left at least 58 dead and 515 injured.  I myself had attended the previous two days of the festival, but left that Sunday as we had planned on launching 5028 that Monday.  My girlfriends stayed for the Sunday event, all of them made it out alive, but all have mental scars and emotions that they cary with them and are working through.  

My friend Renee has joined the #LoveWins movement. The mission of this movement is: To honor and remember the 58 lives lost on October 1 2017, by performing random acts of kindness and remaining a constant foundation of support for the Route 91 Family.  With this she is helping Victor Link's family have a good and memorable Christmas.  Since the family has lost their Father, Grandfather, & Son, they are having a hard time holding it together, so she is helping to get Christmas together for them.  By purchasing shoes from 5028, $5 from every pair sold goes towards causes like this and we appreciate your support.  We hope the Link family has as nice and as memorable of a Christmas as they can and hoping they find peace with the loss of their Victor.  If you purchased a pair of shoes from us in the past few weeks this is where your donation is going.  We believe these small gestures can cause a ripple effect and in some way may help to prevent the dangerous slippery-slope our minds can take us down.  

Let's be the change and create ripples that create waves that turn into tsunamis and break the stigma behind mental health and well being.   

You can learn more about Victor here:  Remembering Victor 


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