Women's Style Guide

When we tell people what we do for a living, if the person is a woman the initial response is, "Oh My God!  Dream job!" If the person is a man the response is, "Oh boy, I better keep you away from my wife!" Women love shoes, for some reason it is just a common obsession among women.  Some believe it is because they always fit, unlike clothing we can try shoes on, on even the "fattest' of days and they still fit. Others believe it's because they evoke feelings immediately upon putting them on, they can make us feel beautiful, special, playful, or powerful. And still others believe it is because of the sculptural attributes of a shoe that a woman falls in love. Whatever the reason we know that a vast majority of women own 27 pairs of shoes at a given time, and that you buy seven pairs of shoes a year!  WOW! 

At Fifty-Twenty Eight we make quality, handcrafted shoes for many occasions and hope that they evoke the plethora of emotions that one goes through on any given week. Whether you are looking for a heeled boot to take you into your night or a uniquely styled sneaker to carry you through your weekday we hope your 5028's make you smile.     

Women's Style Tips 

  • Sneakers are hot!  Our limited edition sneakers will set you apart from the crowd. The thick soled Women's Country Road  will elevate your height and can be paired with a power suit, or worn with a casual romper. Some of our favorite must have rompers come from Momper Romper & Buddah Pants. However you decide to style these babes the rich and deeply pigmented leathers, paired with the artistry of the tooling and embroidery will elevate your style and make you feel powerful and happy.   

  • We strive to be environmentally better at 5028 as such we ship our shoes in a reusable dust bag, no box in a box we like to say. We have also started our upcycling program, where we scoured the stock rooms and warehouses to find dead-stock treasures. These are the unused fabrics left over from large orders, canceled orders, or oversampling. They are generally left to die in the warehouses and many times wind up in landfills.  We thought what an opportunity to help use and "Reprise" these materials. The women's Reprise is made of Dead-Stock nubuck that we freshened up with beautiful embosses. These pair well with the amazing dead-stock prairie dresses from Christy Dawn, imagine that an entire upcycled outfit!  YESSSSSS!!!!! 

  • Whether you are a Coachella gal or a Stagecoach chick you will find many reasons to rock the Sole Mate. The Sole Mate is a modern take on the country chic trend. The square-toed cowgirl style is made out of multi-textured dead-stock leathers giving the boot amazing depth and character and you all the feels of being environmentally better. These boots can be worn sockless or with a little ped sock so they are great for dancing away on warm summer nights. Dress down a slinky, body hugging nude dress by layering it up and throwing on the sole mates, or go whimsical and playful with a floral piece from Anthropologie.   
Mom Jeans
    • Breaking news, being a MOM is hip. Save the 5 days of unwashed hair thrown on your head, lack of sleep, and plethora of dirty diapers you have changed, if you are a mom you can now look like a mom and be the envy of town. The Great One in flashy embossed metallic leathers bring a sparkle of shine to your outfit, pair with your high wasted Mothers Denim jeans or a comfy pair of joggers and you can chase your toddler through town like a MOM! Give your outfit an extra edge and throw on your no fuss Sarah Briggs Ear-Cuff and Johnny earrings and voila, too hip to be square!  

    Sustainable Footwear

    However you style your 5028's you can feel good about your purchase.  We collaborate with our manufacturing partners in Spain and Portugal to bring our ideas to life. The craftsmanship that comes out of the family-run factories is exceptional, the leathers are the highest quality we have found anywhere, the art of shoe-making has been passed down over generations, and the quality is unsurpassed. As we create new styles an evolve the brand it is the attention to detail and our collaborative ability to make better, smaller quantities of product that set us apart and thus set the women that wear our shoes apart from the rest. We believe every woman needs a pair or seven of long-lasting, show-stopping shoes in her closet that she can count on to add style to her every day.  

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