Guiding Light Package


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As we navigate the new, students are graduating, major life events are still happening, weddings are commencing differently, and we are spending more time at home.  What will the future hold?  How are we coping?  A Guiding Light would be nice.  Formulated by a group of local artists and small businesses we put together some hope in a box. 

What you will find in The Guiding Light Package.  

A Place to Plan Your Future:  The Sacred Eye Jotter from Dirtbag Debutant -  A retail experience shop in Carbondale that supports makers, artisans and the crafts that they love.   

A Cup of Happiness:  A one of a kind cup from Candy Dish Clay.  Their fine, functional stoneware and porcelain are sure to brighten the mood.  

Happiness For Your Cup:   Happy Tea - A fruity, light, berry tea from Homested in Glenwood Springs - Homested's beautiful assortment of products are hand crafted with high quality, locally sourced, simple ingredients.   

A Centering Piece To Wear:  Choose from Buddha or Feather Earrings from Star Lux Jewels - Each Hand crafted piece is made to reveal your inner goddess playing into badass wildness while enhancing power and independence. 

Peace of Mind While You Are Out:  Face Masks from the collaboration of 5028 & Hot Lips - Our masks bring light and levity to a rather unsettling new statement piece.  Pattern selection will vary.  

To Rinse and Moisturize Your Tired Body: 'Oh So' Soap and Naked Body Oil - Indulge with these products from Osmia Organics - These luxury skin care products are formulated with exceptional natural ingredients which they hope will inspire people to live in health and joy with a softer impact on the planet.   

A Landmark Piece- To serve as a reminder of where you are from, where you have been, and where you can always go.  A carin masterpiece from Robert Burch to decorate the home.   

Thoughtfully Expressed Words:  A blank inside card - From The Project Shop which facilitates experiences to enhance creative work, collaborate and maximize enjoyment.  The card is a reminder to yourself or encouraging words to someone else, which we are happy to help you personalize. 

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Retail value of this package is over $180, it is already a great discount, our 15% off coupon does not apply to this product. 

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