Size yourself up! 

 Just like our European crafted shoes are unique so too are your feet.  
Use the chart below to guide you on what size to order.  
If the shoes don't fit?  Don't worry Cinderella we do free Returns & Exchanges.

Do you need to talk this through? 

We understand, hit us up!  We love to chat!


Got a hankering to be exact? 

We get it, you're one of "those" people.  
Below is every detail you need to get the exact measurement of your foot. 

Step by Step Guide

1. We recommend that you have a second person help you in order to get the most accurate measurement

2. The foot should be measured while standing on the undressed foot

3. Stand on a blank piece of paper

4. Distribute the weight uniformly on both legs and feet

5. Have the person make a mark on the paper straight down from the back of your heel and straight down at the front of your toes at the longest point (this is not the big toe for everyone).  

6. Now take your tape measure and measure from point A to point B on the paper. You can measure in centimeters or inches, we recommend centimeters.


7. Do this for both feet as usually our feet are not exactly the same.  

8. You now know your foot length and can see what size that converts to on our size charts to better determine what size will work best for you.   

9. Pat yourself on the back you overachiever!